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Office of Student Disability Services

Weekly Mentoring Sessions


Weekly Mentoring Sessions are available for students registered with SDS who are interested in assistance with organization and prioritization. SDS staff works with students to develop appropriate and effective strategies to meet academic goals set by the student. Students meet with an SDS staff person once a week to discuss progress towards achieving those goals.

In short, SDS Mentoring is taking action to move forward with academic goals created by the student. It's an equal partnership between the student and the SDS staff, and it's ALL ABOUT THE STUDENT AND HIS/HER LEARNING!



  • SDS staff helps students to set realistic, appropriate goals and then plan and prioritize effective in order to meet those goals;
  • Mentoring focuses on academic performance and related behaviors;
  • SDS staff help students to develop a self-monitoring system that can apply to life after UNI;
  • SDS staff help students to check syllabi for weekly assignments and challenge students to stay on top of academic work;
  • SDS staff hold students accountable for their success at UNI.



Schedule an initial appointment with an SDS staff person. Contact SDS at (319) 273-2677 and tell the receptionist that you'd like to schedule an initial Weekly Mentoring Session.

Come to your appointment with some short-term and long-term goals in mind. Have some ideas about how you can realistically meet your goals with help from your SDS mentor.