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Office of Student Disability Services

SAR Form

SAR Form

The Support for Accommodation Request (SAR) form was developed by the Iowa Department of Education with input from the Area Education Agencies, postsecondary instituations around the state, and K-12 special education teachers.

The form was created in an effort to help bridge the gap between high school and postsecondary for students with disabilities; the SAR form is a tool for summarizing documentation from a student’s secondary school experience. 

The goal is for students and their teachers or transition coordinators to complete the SAR form together, summarizing relevant and useful information from a variety of sources (IEPs, assessments, reevaluations, high school records).  The SAR can be used as the basis for verifying eligibility and supporting requests for accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids at the postsecondary level.